Investor Information

Investor Information

Statistics Canada indicates that there are approximately 9.1 million Millennials or Generation Y  (born between 1980 – 2000) in Canada. The Gen Ys visit fast food restaurants 12 or more times per month and spend more of their income on food than any other generation. There are approximately 7.3 million members of Generation Z (under 18s) in Canada. These two groups are the primary target markets for CurdZ Poutineries.

Curdz Poutineries is the brand and trademarks of CurdZ Inc; a Canadian corporation in the business of setting up quick-service poutineries and licensing its brand to restaurants selling gourmet poutine in Canada.  Curdz Inc., is poised to capitalize on the fast growing ‘gourmet fast food’ trend. The industry giants such as Wendy’s, Swiss Chalet, Burger King and McDonald’s are adding menu items to tap into this trend. Recently, one of the items they all added to their menus was poutine.

CurdZ Poutinerie launched in January of 2015 with its first location at 398 John St., in Burlington. The location is downtown and is in the center of the restaurant / bar district in Burlington. There are also over 8,000 households within a 2 kilometer radius of the location. All Curdz locations will be either situated in the downtown core of a city or within reasonable walking distance to high schools where Millennials and the Generation Z frequent.

 Partnership Opportunities

Each store is forecast to achieve sales of approximately 500 – 540k per year. The target profitability for each store is $5,000 per month or $60,000 annually. This business model is a generator of one of the best revenues per square foot metric in retail, today.

Curdz Poutineries’ current growth is facilitated through partnerships with investors within an independent , Canadian-Controlled private corporation (CCPC). The CCPC licenses the name, trademarks, logos and operational systems from CurdZ Inc. Each CCPC, based on the total investment accumulated builds and runs several Curdz Poutinerie locations in various markets in Canada.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the CCPC works and how you can participate, please send us an email to


Franchising Opportunities

Franchising is being launched in the fall of 2015. For more information about becoming a franchisee please send us an email inquiry to